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Welcome to Wallan and District U3A (University of the 3rd Age)

U3A Wallan and District provides short courses for mature people enjoying the third stage of life. People who enjoy learning but prefer the freedom to study when they please.

U3A Wallan and District has an office in the Wallan Neighbourhood House (also known as the Wallan Multi-Purpose Community Centre) and most classes are held in this facility.

U3A courses are open to all people within the community that are over 45 years of age and retired or semi-retired.

U3A Wallan and District is operated by a Management Committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Our courses are developed using the skills of our volunteers and course leaders who lend us their time for a minimum fee. Our courses are accessible throughout the year and may fluctuate depending on the availability of the course leaders.

Our website continues to expand as we add to our information for our members and prospective members.


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U3A Wallan and District's Vision:


U3A Wallan and District is a community based voluntary organisation devoted to healthy and productive aging; providing affordable learning, physical activities such as Pilates and a social calendar to our members. We have been in existence since 2013 and we are always looking for and welcome new members.

University in the original sense described as a community of learners sharing knowledge. With U3A there are no entry requirements, nor are any degrees given.

Third Age refers to post-working age. U3A is for retirees or semi-retired persons who want to continue learning in an informal environment as well as share in social activities, thus making the third age the time of their life.

A chance to learn, a chance to teach: U3A offers opportunities not only to learn but, by becoming a class leader, to share with others a lifetimes worth of skills and knowledge.

We are one, we are many. While operating independently with our own elected committee we are supported by U3A Network Victoria which provides organisational planning support as well as facilitating broader relationships between member U3A's and affiliates, peer organisations and Government.

Bring yourself up to date with this technical age at your own pace. Full-fill life-time ambitions revive an interest or try something new. Make new friendships.

Check out the events tab on the website for details of current classes and events.

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Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to make the third age the fun age for Wallan and District residents through participation in U3A Activities."


Membership to U3A Wallan and District is open to anyone who is 45 years or over and retired or semi-retired. Yearly membership is $30 per annum for a single person or $50 per annum for a couple. If you are already a current, paid member of another U3A (verification required), you may join U3A Wallan and District as an associate member which will cost you $5 per annum. You must be a full or associate member to be able to attend the classes offered. In addition to the membership fees, attendance at a class, if that class is held at Neighbourhood House Wallan, will cost $2 per session. This fee is paid directly to Neighbourhood House for the use of their facilities. 

If you wish to become a member of U3A Wallan and District, click on this button to download the membership application. Contact the President at the telephone number shown on the form or in the Contact Details section of this web site.

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All other social activities will be advised by the committee as they arise. Please check the tray for the monthly flyer.
Advice will also be sent by email.
Please ensure your email address is up-to-date.

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U3A Wallan and District
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